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What do you people want from me

12th Jul 2014

That sounded very rude, didn’t it? What I mean to say is this…um, in all humbleness and such… I’m getting more traffic and comments. I feel the need to start some sort of a ‘you comment, I follow’ deal, but, uh…I also can’t stand it when someone only leaves me a comment after I leave them one, you know? Obvious as fuck that they really aren’t into me and are just being polite. Cuz if […]

Streaking. I mean, streaming

12th Jul 2014

Random thoughts for the day: Remember that everything you put in writing is admissible in court. Almost everyone that I have in my everyday life has been prescribed antidepressants at some point. These rice cakes are not keeping my weight up anymore. Must exercise less. A giveaway is coming up in the fall. You’ll like it. I promise. Isobel’s bday is going to cost me an assload. But it’s okay cuz I’ve got helpers and […]

I’d Forgotten

12th Jul 2014

Just how divine giving into the foodie cravings are. I took a nap this afternoon and woke up wanting a BLT. So, I went and got one. With some fries and gravy, and rootbeer and ice cream. Yup, I am working towards a 50 inch waist, why do you ask? And frick, now I’m hungry again. Anyone know when morning sickness might kick in? Cuz I’ve already gained a sixth of what I did with […]

I Fell Off the Wagon

12th Jul 2014

I did it, I joined stuff. There was Wordless Wednesday, Scrolling Saturdays and Weekly Winners. But, you know, I’m just too all over the place for those groups. The commitment was killing me. I’m not a stress-free blogger. If I don’t post for a day, I feel weird about it, guilty, even. If I join a thing and then post at the last second or heaven forbid, not at all, it’s really a bad feeling. Like learning that […]

An Apparent Niche Milk Maid

12th Jul 2014

Before I got knocked up with Isobel, I bought myself some boobs. For the low price of about $250, when you take into account the soon-to-occur bankruptcy which my loan was a part of. I’ve actually been paid back (plus some) for them since, because plastic surgery? It’s a medical claim for income tax purposes in Canada. I know, crazy. Anyways, I bought them because I’d always hated my lack of boobage, thought that having […]